Program Schedule for 2015

(Free and open to the public, refreshments served)

February 9 – 7:30PM at Society Building 

 Rick Miller who portrays Abe Lincoln

Rick Miller is still back in 1850, he has a long way to go. He is writing a four-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln. While that would seem to be challenge enough, there are further issues as he describes himself as an independent scholar meaning in part that he has no university affiliation. Because of that, some scholars may consider him to be trafficking in Abraham Lincoln scholarship without the appropriate bona-fides. There's another issue; in 2007 doctors diagnosed Miller, 59, with Parkinson's disease. The affliction is not discernible to visitors yet Miller, while seated before his computer, does volunteer that he must be careful when navigating by mouse through his computer that he does not involuntarily click on the wrong file. 

March 9 – 7:30PM at Society Building 

Dorothy Buquo

        Dorothy and her husband Chet have prepared a very interesting photo program entitled             "My Hometown".  The power point slideshow has been set to music which enhances your         viewing pleasure and memories.  The photos were taken in the Ellwood City Historical            Society area.  Dorothy is the First Vice President of the Ellwood City Area Historical                Society.  She is also very active in many other ventures  including being a Rotarian,                Church work, hiking and recycling.

April 13 – 7:30PM at Society Building

Ed Boots

       Fombell, named for early settlers, Lucian and Gabriel Fuer de Fombelle from France, is           located between Zelienople and Ellwood City, PA.  It encompasses the 16123 Area Postal        Code and is located in three Townships in two Counties.  Franklin and Marion Townships,        Beaver County, Beaver County and part of Perry Township in Lawrence County.  No               wonder no body outside of the local area is quite sure where Fombell is!  Even Some from        the local area aren't sure!  The Fombell Area Historical Society has acqurire the Hardy               Chapel, in Hardyville.  This will be the home of the Society to promote, present and                   preserve the Fombell area history.  


May 11 – 7:30PM at Society Building 

Dr. Kip Jones 

       Dr. Jones is always interesting; plus presentation of 2015 High School Senior                           Scholarships.Kip was born and raised in Ellwood City. His parents and grandparents were        involved in the early business ventures of our town. Kip graduated from Lincoln High               School in 1963. He attended DePaul University and then Medical Pediatric Internship at           Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, where he entered the Radiology program. Kip's love and               admiration of Ellwood City, history, and education has permitted his continued scholarship        awards sponsored by the Historical Society